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Placing blame on success is a cop out! This is where our President has failed us as a nation. I have not had the opportunity to watch the biography yet, but I an already confused just reading the introduction. I am assuming, that Barack is a natural born citizen, after all how would he qualify for president. I am also assuming that after his father abandoned him; his mother remarried, and moved to Indonesia when he was still a child.

Barack Obama

How then did he, as a very young child, "return to his native country to work for it's improvement. Oxford Dictionaries Wow! He must be a prodigy! I am amazed that someone so young knew from the womb that he wanted to change his native country. I will assume that is America, but you know what they say about assuming.

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Thus, those persons born within the United States are "natural born citizens" and eligible to be President. Much less certain, however, is whether children born abroad of United States citizens are "natural born citizens" eligible to serve as President Yes, very young. Obama inherited such a bad economy. The American economy's problem can not be solved in four or even next ten years as it is facing severe structural problems.

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The Republicans have such a stupid economic theory that reducing taxes on rich will solve its problems- it will be a total disaster. A great personal story is the president's special distinctive - but he hardly developed into the president that the country needed since he served.

He showed that there is more to a good story and a sharp liberal mind to become a true American leader. He has shown that a sharp liberal leaning will not be enough to face the realities of day to day American life,economics, and running the country. He had all the theory and ideology to promote a care for all mentality, not thinking through the cost - and its effects on all Americans - a downward trending economy that eventually led to slow but sure decline.

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He should take stock and honor his own words that if the conditions don't improve - he will be a one termer. If he has not the people will. What a great fairytale that was, it seems he can do no wrong. But then again I have sat through one term with him and nearly all his promises he didn't fulfill so instead of voting on the man's story or his birthplace or what religion he is or even his inspiring speeches lets vote on the issues and hold all politicians accountable for their promises.

Shame on you barrac hussein obama you are destroying usa and taking peopels freedom away.

Obama: The President who hoped to change America

I think you have a glitch it the president that's making the usa terrible he is the biggest loosseerr. Having watched this video from start to finish and having no other knowledge about Obama I might have followed all those other American's and voted for him for President.

Barack Obama

I however listened to what he said in his first speeches on t. I therefore was among many who did not support him in his run for President of The United Statesan today I still feel that I was right in my thinking. Obama is truely living the American dream. From the ghetto's with nothing with a drug addiction then being a christian and president. Just found your site - fantastic.

We make video biographies - personal history documentaries. Yet a letter to a friend about one of his early jobs after college sheds light on the way he thought about his own intellect and potential at an early age:.

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There is the possibility that they offer the job of Managing Editor for one of the publications, which would involve a hefty raise but an extended stay … The style and substance of what I write [is such that] I can churn out the crap without much effort [yet] the finished product confronts me as an alien being, not threatening, but a part of another system, another sensibility … because of the position, the best I can hope for is a draw, since I have no vehicle or forum to try to change things.

In , while working as a community organizer, he wrote to a former girlfriend about how his work ethic and drive were evolving:. Sheila Miyoshi Jager was an anthropology student at the time, and though she describes the relationship as a passionate affair, a letter from Obama to a friend is marked by the kind of ambivalence present in many youthful relationships.

Jager is reportedly the basis for a composite character in Dreams of My Father.

Barack Obama Bio Rising Star Shows Growing Pains, Young Love | Time

Compromises, compromises. Jager recounts a visit the couple made to her parents over Christmas , when she says they were considering getting married. Though Garrow details the sexual chemistry between Obama and his white girlfriends, his relationship with Michelle is presented as cool and businesslike.