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International Edition. Ships with Tracking Number! May not contain Access Codes or Supplements. May be ex-library. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service! Brand New. Original US edition. Kindly provide day time phone number in order to ensure smooth delivery. Dry powder inhalers have many advantages over liquid formulation, including relatively high dose delivery, better physico-chemical stability, no need of patient coordination and absence of propellant. When dry powders are considered, the solid state characteristic of the active ingredient, i. Indeed, drug stability and respirability are critical quality attributes which need to be evaluated during pharmaceutical development and kept constant during clinical studies and marketing.

Powders may have different polymorphic phases and this topic is crucial during pharmaceutical development. The aim of this work was to investigate the solid state properties of a spray-dried powder intended for pulmonary delivery in comparison with different tobramycin raw materials. Terra, M. Towards a better understanding of water adsorption hysteresis in activated carbons by scanning isotherms.

Carbon, 96, In this work systematic water scanning desorption isotherms within the hysteresis loop were carried out on well-characterized activated carbons with varied textural features and surface chemistry. Accurate micro-mesopore analysis was obtained by means of nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide adsorption experiments coupled with advanced density functional theory methods i. This investigation constitutes a starting point for the interpretation of water adsorption hysteresis by means of scanning desorption measurements.

Role of the surface chemistry of the adsorbent on the initialization step of the water sorption process. Carbon,, Then, their water sorption isotherms were measured and the amount of surface groups obtained by fitting them by the proposed equation was compared with the one resulting from direct X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy XPS measurements.

Based on the obtained results, it seems that beyond a certain concentration of surface oxygen, there is a change in the sorption mechanism from clustering to layering and consequently, on the size of the water cluster formed before the micropore filling. These findings have allowed us to go a step further in the modelling of this part of the water sorption isotherms and to find a correlation between the surface oxygen content and the water cluster size.

Wan, K. Water desorption isotherms and net isosteric heat of desorption on lignite. At the monolayer region, the overlapping isotherms at different temperatures could not provide valid data to calculate the isosteric heat by applying the Clausius—Clapeyron equation, and hence the isosteric heat was only determined at the moisture content from 0. Then, the Brunner—Emmet—Teller BET theory was applied to calculate the isosteric heat at the moisture content below 0.

Net isosteric heat of desorption determined from the isotherms increases from 1.

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This increase is most likely that the forces from coal surface act on all types of water in raw lignite, and as the moisture content decreases, the forces are becoming stronger. Besides, with the effect of the interaction among adsorbed water molecules and the bonding force between water molecules and active sites, at the monolayer region, a maximum energy peak appears on the curve of isosteric heat.

Hoyos-Leyva, J. Assessing the structural stability of gluten-free snacks with different dietary fiber contents from adsorption isotherms. All the snacks reached equilibrium moisture content within 5 h for most values of aw, and the experimental data were fitted with the Guggenheim-Anderson-de Boer model. The monolayer moisture content and the critical water activity linked to glassy-to-rubbery phase transitions of the GFS were significantly lower than that of the commercial snack, indicative that GFS underwent structural weakening under humidity stress.

Also, the GFS showed a crossover in the isosteric heat of adsorption estimated with Clausius-Clayperon equation at approx. The differences in the adsorption characteristics between GFS and commercial snack can be attributed to the chemical composition, mainly to the fat content. Fikry, M.

International Journal of Food Engineering. Equilibrium was achieved within 29 and 25 h for the adsorption and desorption process respectively. The empirical Peleg model was found to be the best to represent the experimental data in the water activity range 0. The isosteric heat of sorption and the differential entropy decreased by increasing the moisture content and can be predicted by polynomial functions.

Glass transition temperatures Tg of PRF were determined.

The PRF should be stored at moisture less than 9 d. Bui, D. Journal of Membrane Science, , The permeation and sorption properties of the membranes were investigated under different temperatures. The results provided a deeper insight into the membrane water vapor permeation process. It was specifically noted that lithium chloride significantly reduces water diffusion energy barrier, resulting in the change of permeation energy from positive to negative values. Higher water vapor permeance was observed for the membrane with higher LiCl content at lower temperature.

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The isothermal air dehumidification tests show that the membrane is suitable for dehumidifying air in high humid condition. Additionally, results also indicate a trade-off between the humidity ratio drop with the water vapor removal rate when varying air flowrate.

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Della Bella, A. Quantitative determination of micronization-induced changes in the solid state of lactose. International journal of pharmaceutics, 1 , Techniques such as X-Ray Powder Diffraction XRPD and Differential Scanning Calorimetry DSC , which are commonly used for the characterization of lactose, are not always capable of explaining the solid-state changes induced by processing, such as micronization. In the present work, the evaluation of the effect of the micronization process on the solid-state properties of lactose was carried out by XRPD and DSC and a satisfactory, although not unequivocal, interpretation of the thermal behaviour of lactose was obtained.

The proposed method may find a more general application for the quantification of polymorphs of compounds different than lactose, provided that the various solid phases afford different weight variations in specific regions of the DVS profile. He, Q. A comparison of desorption process of Chinese and Australian lignites by dynamic vapour sorption.

Separation Science and Technology, 51 8 , The organic and inorganic hydrophilic sites were determined by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and X-Ray fluorescence spectroscopy. From the modified BET model, only a small part of hydrophilic sites HSs acted as effective primary sites due to space restraint, intramolecular hydrogen bond and maybe more than one hydrophilic site connecting with one water molecule. From the D. So the high moisture-holding capacity of LY is mainly determined by the high St and qus, and not the primary sites.

The size of water clusters entering the micropores is 7 for SL and 6 for LY, which is related to relative location of HS. When dewatered, the higher total sites density and smaller water cluster size of LY both implied higher dewatering energy. Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition, 27 3 , The products were characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray powder diffraction XRPD and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy techniques.

Results, especially deconvoluted XRPD patterns indicated creation of new phases and potential complex formation. Results also highlighted that the AG carrier leads to higher residual thrombin-specific activity, while the in vivo haemostatic effect was enhanced when insoluble BG was present in the matrix.

Journal of Food Engineering

Our results confirm that thrombin can be successfully added to the carriers and that these materials are promising alternatives to standard vehicles. Vaishali, L. The antiviral drugs selected for this study are Zidovudine and Nevirapine.

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They have a short elimination half-life, necessitating multiple doses per day and therefore the development of extended release dosage forms incorporating these drugs was considered beneficial in terms of extending the dosing interval, with the aim of improving patient compliance and subsequent therapeutic outcomes.

Formulation approach was to have a composition qualitatively similar to that of the innovator by using different grades of release controlling polymer i. Hydroxyl propyl methyl cellulose HPMC for extended release matrix tablets. Stress stability data was also generated. API and excipient compatibility was conducted at different ratios using moist and dry conditions. Wet granulation technique was used for both drugs.

Formulation showing desired dissolution profile was finalized and complete characterization like description, identification, assay, content uniformity, and dissolution was done. For the Zidovudine ER tablets, in vivo studies were carried out which show drug release for 20 hrs. Gustavsson, C. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B. The sorption per ion pair was similar to that observed for common ionomers. The model predicts that the water content, after a small stepwise change of the reservoir RH, should vary exponentially with time, with a time constant proportional to both the slope of the sorption isotherm and the film thickness.

Physical-chemical Properties of Foods

These predictions were confirmed for our films over large RH ranges, and the external mass transfer coefficient in our setup was calculated from the experimental data. Expressions derived for the Biot number ratio of characteristic times for internal and external water transport for the considered limiting case strongly indicate that external water transport should quite generally affect, or even dominate, the measured kinetics for similarly thin hydrated films. Read everything about the acquisition of Quantachrome by Anton Paar here.

Aquadyne Series Brochure.